1. COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan!

    The Core Physical Therapy staff hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. Our community has been through a lot over the last few months, and all of us are looking forward to getting back to some sense of normalcy or what may become the “new normal” at least for the time-being. I…Read More

  2. Now Offering Telehealth!

    First and foremost, I hope this post reaches everyone safe and well; this is certainly an unprecedented situation in modern times.  Our way of life and our safety is being challenged in ways many of us have never experienced.  I, and the Core PT staff, hope you are adjusting to this new, and tempo…Read More

  3. Proper Sitting Posture to Avoid Pain – Nick Katsiris PT, DPT, OCS

    In our increasing technological age, I am noticing an increase in patients who present to Physical Therapy with problems and complaints of pain related to working at a desk. Prolonged sitting can lead to many ailments most notably neck, low back, and shoulder pain. Prolonged sitting has also been li…Read More

  4. Exercises to get you ready for Ski Season!!!

    Whether you’re a novice skier or you frequent the slopes, it’s important to be in the right condition once ski season hits. Follow these tips to help maximize your performance and prevent injury. Cardiovascular Endurance: Most skiers spend at least 4-6 hours on the slopes per day. Cardiovascular…Read More

  5. Physical Therapy Direct Access and What Does This Mean For Me?

    The state of Illinois passed a bill allowing a form of direct access in August 2018 allowing patients to access physical therapy services without a script. However there are rules and regulations with regards to this new law which can be confusing to physical therapy consumers. This blog post is to …Read More

  6. Free Weights vs. Resistance Bands – Dr. Caitlin Kremer, PT, DPT

    Many people believe free weights are more beneficial in terms of strength training, but research shows resistance bands are just as effective in stimulating muscle fibers for growth. The similarities. Both free weights and bands provide some form of resistance, they allow for free range of motion, v…Read More