The state of Illinois passed a bill allowing a form of direct access in August 2018 allowing patients to access physical therapy services without a script. However there are rules and regulations with regards to this new law which can be confusing to physical therapy consumers. This blog post is to explain what exactly direct access means and steps to make sure you can attend physical therapy services without a disruption in your care.


Scenario 1: You have a script for physical therapy

You are all set! You can attend physical therapy directly. Bring your script with you to your first visit/initial evaluation!


Scenario 2: You don’t have a script, but have a doctor that is following your care

If you have a physician that you have a good relationship with, such as an internist, physiatrist, orthopedic that you follow up regularly with, you can be seen for 15 business days or 10 visits whichever comes first. At this time if you are showing measurable improvement you can continue to be seen by physical therapy.

If no measurable improvement is being made, you will need to follow up with a physician to be able to continue with physical therapy.


Scenario 3: You don’t have a script or a physician that you regularly follow up with

If you do not have a physician or script for treatment, please refer to Scenario #2. At the 15 business or 10 visit mark, if you are showing measurable improvement you can continue to be seen by physical therapy. In the case that you need a physician, we will be more than happy to help you find one that is right for you.


We look forward to seeing you for your aches and pains and getting you on the road to recovery! If you have questions regarding direct access please call us at 773-999-9825!


***Note: Not all insurance plans cover physical therapy, and some plans that require pre-authorization may still require a physician’s order. We recommend that you contact Core Physical Therapy or your health insurance plan prior to your initial visit to confirm coverage of your treatment and physician referral guidelines