Many people believe free weights are more beneficial in terms of strength training, but research shows resistance bands are just as effective in stimulating muscle fibers for growth.

The similarities. Both free weights and bands provide some form of resistance, they allow for free range of motion, variable speeds and allow for a progression of resistance. All of these qualities are essential in building muscle mass, building strength and reducing fat.

There are several benefits to using resistance bands that free weights do not offer. The major difference is, free weights rely on gravity to provide resistance. This limits the plane of motion free weights can be used. Meaning if you were to hold your weight and move laterally, you are not receiving resistance in that plane.  Individuals that use resistance bands are able to demonstrate resistance through multiple planes of motion leading to improved carryover with sport-specific exercises.

At the end of the day, either may be used for strength training but variety is the key to improving performance and fitness level. Our recommendation is to utilize both systems in your regular exercise routine.