We are all for standing/walking workstations for improved posture,…. but this is ridiculous. Standing and walking work stations do help people become more active and lead healthier lives. Why do these work in reducing pain and back pain? The human body is made to move. Humans have evolved over millions of years to be nomadic walking from place to place looking for food/mates/tools etc,… Over the last few decades, we have fundamentally changed how we obtain those things. Walking requires the use of our cerebellum and our vestibular system which heavily influences our use of postural muscles. As you move over the ground, your brain and posture muscles have to continuously balance you over your legs. If this didn’t happen, your head and spine would just flop over and you’d fall.

Now that we sit in front of computers, those systems shut down and we essentially slouch. Because postural muscles turn off, we begin to over use passive stability structures: ligaments, intervertebral discs, cartilage to hold us up. These are tissues that break down and down heal well. Muscles are made to be used and heal real well so walking workstations will help you use those active posture stabilizers! If you are looking for better posture, moving and being active will in intrinsically hold you in a better place. Patients that sit actively have to think about maintaining this position because those posture control centers in the brain have turned off. As time goes on, the brain and muscles start to lose their ability to make quick adjustments which leads to chronic instability and more stress on the passive structures. We encourage all “office warriors” to use a standing workstations, sit on an exercise ball, or use a hamster wheel! (and if your human resources professional approves a hamster wheel for you, please let us know how you convinced them!)

Credit to Insider for the video.