What? Your physical therapist isn’t available? See somebody else in the clinic? Quality and consistency may be more important that just being seen.

Unfortunately physical therapy isn’t always a quick fix. As with any sort of behavior or lifestyle change, consistency is the key. One drawback from being in a busy, overcrowded physical therapy clinic is that patients often have to switch between physical therapists. I’ve had many patients in the past and told me during one course of care have had up to four different physical therapist working with them.

Mostly these stories are told with a bit of annoyance on the patient’s part. Physical therapists are good at taking notes and leaving documentation so others can pick up the patient’s case. Unfortunately, patient preference, the subtle nuances, and lack of familiarity take time out of the treatment session to overcome. The patient often has to reintroduce themselves, and reintroduce the history of their problem, and recap what has happened thus far. (Imagine having to start over four times while raking your yard of leaves.)

Another thing that can be potentially hindering the patient’s progress is that physical therapist may have different ways of treating a pathology. There are many different ways to skin the proverbial cat. Some patients respond to some things, and not others. Generally, consistency with the overall measurement progress will let your physical therapist know if a certain technique is being effective. If you stop and start with different techniques how will you know if one works better than the other? Or if something that one physical therapist did last visit really helped, but today you’re seeing somebody else, is that getting you better faster?

On the other hand, seeing another physical therapist may be a good in some cases. If you have been going to physical therapyfor a few weeks and the results just aren’t materializing, seeing someone else may help break the case open.

At Core Physical Therapy, we are committed to making sure you have the same physical therapist every visit. This will maximize the efficiency and productivity in every visit and allow for more meaningful communication and measurement of progress. This will allow a physical therapist to be more sensitive to subtle changes in your pathology, and get you the help you need faster.