First and foremost, I hope this post reaches everyone safe and well; this is certainly an unprecedented situation in modern times.  Our way of life and our safety is being challenged in ways many of us have never experienced.  I, and the Core PT staff, hope you are adjusting to this new, and temporary, change in our world.  The health and well being of our patients and staff has always been our first priority.

Core Physical Therapy has continued to monitor the COVID-19 situation via the CDC. 

We have taken an “all hands” approach to making sure our facilities are clean and safe for staff and patients.  We have been diligent in our hand washing, equipment cleaning, adjusting our schedules and appointments to minimize unnecessary close contact.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus continues to spread in our communities.  While we have not had any incidences in clinic to date, understandably, social distancing should remain a priority to #flattenthecurve for everyone.   Our clinics will remain open on a limited basis for those requiring in person physical therapy care.

Pain doesn’t stop because of a pandemic. In order to improve safety and still provide care, Core Physical Therapy is now offering Physical Therapy Virtual Visits/Telehealth.  Just because you are staying home, doesn’t mean you can’t get help.  Our Virtual Visits/Telehealth consultations can add a unique dimension to the physical therapy plan of care.

Things that we can continue to help patients with:

  • Help patients interpret and understand symptoms.
  • Give patient’s guidance to improve the healing response.
  • Issue, review and update home exercises programs.
  • Help patient problem solve activities that continue to cause pain.

Added benefits of Virtual Visits:

  • Under the traditional face-to-face model, your physical therapist could only listen to descriptions of your environment where symptoms occur.  Now, you can show us where you are having issues and give you a more personalized solution.
  • Having pain with your home or office workstation?  You can show us exactly what you are doing.
  • Have a workout area at home?  Need some ideas? We can give you an assistance in how to best maximize your rehabilitation with your set up.

Our Process:

Both new and current patients in the Chicagoland area can schedule Virtual Visits with our physical therapists.  The process is quick and easy:

  1. Schedule your appointment online from our website.  Please choose a location close to where you would like to physically go after COVID-19 resolves, or with a provider you would like to see.  (Pelvic Health patients:  please schedule at Lincoln Park!)  Note: You must be in Illinois to use this service.
  2. Choose Telehealth Evaluation if you are a new patient or Telehealth Follow-up if you have been with us before.
  3. Once you schedule, you will be a sent a confirmation email.  In that email, new patients please fill out the “Intake paperwork”.  If you are an established patient with us, please sign just the “Telehealth Consent Form”.
  4. An hour before your appointment, you will be sent the link to you physical therapist’s virtual waiting room.  See how to get into the waiting room with this video.
  5. Once you enter the waiting room at your appointment time, your physical therapist will start the Virtual Visit.

What about insurance coverage?

The insurance coverage situation is rapidly changing because of the pandemic. Many insurance companies, including Medicare, have updated their coverage for Telehealth services. This will allow patients to safely and affordably continue their care without the added risk of leaving their homes.  We applaud their efforts to make services available and improve affordability.

  • Plans vary carrier to carrier, so we will help you sort that out.  Click on this link to our “Interested in Telehealth” form.  If you are a new patient, our practice manager will contact you for more details about your insurance.  If you are an established patient with your insurance already on file, our practice manager will contact you with your benefit details.
  • We will give you the option to attempt to bill insurance or bill you directly.
  • We are capping all patient responsibility to $60 per visit.  If you want to pay cash, it is $60.  If your insurance doesn’t cover your claim, you only owe a max of $60.
  • You can use your HSA and FSA cards.

Interest Form for Telehealth

Schedule Telehealth EvaluationSchedule Telehealth Follow Up

We hope to see you soon!  Please let us know how we can help!