1. Tendinitis Versus Tendinosis and Physical Therapy

    We know that tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon. Tendinosis is a less common diagnosis, but probably more prevalent. Tendonosis is the degeneration of the collagen elements of the tendon. When a patient presents with chronic tendon pain in the Achilles, elbow, shoulder, or hip, it is important t…Read More

  2. Having a Consistent Physical Therapist Helps You Get Better

    What? Your physical therapist isn’t available? See somebody else in the clinic? Quality and consistency may be more important that just being seen. Unfortunately physical therapy isn’t always a quick fix. As with any sort of behavior or lifestyle change, consistency is the key. One drawback from…Read More

  3. Understanding Health Insurance for Physical Therapy

    For the Full Article, visit: ConsumerReports.org Understanding you health insurance benefit i the easiest way to avoid getting a big bill. After the Obamacare implementation, the amount of plans has increased dramatically. Patients have often relied on the provider and his/her office to explain thei…Read More

  4. Don’t get Lost in Physical Therapy

    A physical therapy clinic’s business model isn’t usually something the patient is concerned with. Mostly patients want to know what kind of treatments physical therapist will provide, are they in network with their insurance, and how often they will have to be seen. These surface questions are i…Read More

  5. Balance is more that just avoiding a fall

    Balance is something that we often take for granted. As we age, we become less sensitive to where we are in space and less able to respond to a force that knocks us off balance. If you have ever had a fall, you know that it can happen without warning and with serious consequences. Here are some stat…Read More


    We take it for granted, but did you know that your muscles lengthen as they contract? At first this doesn’t seem to make sense; however, muscles are often active while they are lengthening. This occurs when the external force is greater than the force the muscle(s) generates. Eccentric muscle cont…Read More

  7. Physical Therapy: 5 Things to Remember about Core Stability

    Core stability has been an increasingly important component of many people’s exercise regimen. Fitness and Medical professional concerned with human movement have been talking about a stable core for years. The problem is that it is a poorly defined area of fitness. What exercises are the best for…Read More