Schroth Method

The Schroth method is a conservative type of physical therapy that is a non-surgical, curve specific exercise treatment for scoliosis.

Goals of the Schroth method include:

  1. Prevent curve progression
  2. Improve posture alignment and body mechanics
  3. Improve muscle strength and flexibility
  4. Improve breathing capacity
  5. Prevention or delay in surgery

The Schroth method assesses and classifies a patient into a specific curve pattern. Exercises and manual therapy interventions are then tailored to correct the specific muscular imbalances and postural asymmetries that are found in scoliosis. Correct posture is then reinforced by strengthening and breathing exercises in specific positions.

What occurs during a Schroth Evaluation:

  1. Explanation of Schroth: The first visit is used to explain the background of Schroth, to discuss patient/family expectations, to discuss what equipment is required to be able to perform Schroth successfully at home, as well as discuss how the Schroth method will address the goals listed above
  2. Hands-on in depth evaluation: observation of the 3 dimensional curve, posture, strength, flexibility, measurement of joint angles, breathing pattern, height and spinal movement as well as observation of functional movement patterns

What to wear:

Patients should be dressed in comfortable and athletic attire. For females, it is preferable to wear a swim suit top/sports bra/tank top so as much of the spine can be evaluated and seen as possible. For males, the spine will be evaluated with shirt off.

What to bring:

Please bring most recent x-ray of spine with you or sent over from your physician for evaluation. If you do not have a recent x-ray within last 5 years, please obtain a current x-ray. It is extremely important for the method and exercises to have updated x-ray to ensure proper curve pattern and application of exercises. Schroth exercises will not be initiated until current x-ray is obtained.

Physical Therapist, Kaitlin Stewart, is a certified Schroth therapist and was certified by Schroth Barcelona Institute. She is currently certified as an advanced Schroth therapist and is C2 certified.